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Heroes Wear Red (HWR)
was formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2006 by bass player Gavin Wienand and vocalist Tim Kroon. The band was originally named Bloodmoney, however they changed their name to Heroes Wear Red in 2007, coinciding with the release of their debut album Surviving September.

In 2008, HWR independently released Surviving September which was co-produced by Rae DiLeo, who has worked with such artists as Filter, Veruca Salt, Henry Rollins, and Grand Master Flash. The band's first hit single, Beautiful Way, received favourable reviews from many music outlets throughout South Africa, including maintaining the number one position on 5FM's Vodafone Hi5@5 for the seven consecutive weeks following the song's release. Numerous successes followed as HWR drove promotion for the new album, with follow-up singles “Am I” and “Reach Out” achieving number one positions on various charts around South Africa.

Catherine Grenfell hosted the band on her Live@5 show, where HWR broke all attendance records for the live broadcast. Being chosen by the MK MVP initiative gave rise to the high-end video production for the online single release of Bring Me Love in 2011. More recently HWR have reached the semi-finals for the International Songwriting Competition two years running.

With commercial interest in their debut, it was on stage that HWR found its home, seeing the band touring regularly on countrywide tours including highlights like Oppikoppi, Up The Creek, Woodstock and performing alongside Seether, Springbok Nude Girls, Fokofpolosiekar and others. HWR completed 5 national tours and hundreds of shows over the last ten years, providing an intimate, polished and formidable alternative rock performance.

The music of HWR can be described as a collage of hard, alternative and popular rock styles underpinned by powerful performances and polished production. Deeply introspective, occasionally aggressive and always emotive, HWR’s music lies somewhere in the territory where U2, Soundgarden and NIN meet. Bassist Gavin Wienand and drummer Rob Storm are a rhythm section that drives this band forward like heavy machinery locked in perfect sync. New arrival Dave Baudains is a guitarist that can turn one chord into a symphony, and fronting it all is a talent that is Tim Kroon. A more natural performer is hard to find, especially one with vocal power that is as staggering to witness.

A lengthy touring schedule eventually made way to the band setting up a recording studio, where it was time for experimentation. This began a period of shifting gears, finding new inspiration and writing music with a new freedom afforded by time.

That time has arrived with the imminent release of the first single from their follow up album Harkener.

Harkener Heroes Wear Red